£50 minimum instant payment for every scrap car

Thinks it worth more? Then let us know!

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How It Works

We buy your car for £50 and you’re paid straight away.

We then sell parts of your car to try and make a profit!

Other Benefits

  • We take non-runners, damaged cars and insurance write-offs
  • No waiting for quotes
  • No reg number required
  • No admin fee
  • No Fuss

– How does Pick Up My Scrap Car Work? –

Good reasons to use Pick Up My Scrap Car

Scrapping cars with Pick Up My Scrap Car is easy, here’s why…

  • Arrange a collection for your scrap car in 30 seconds on our home page: Pickupmyscrapcar.com
  • When you scrap a car, there are some legal considerations. At Pick Up My Scrap Car, we make sure all legal boxes have been ticked.
  • Unlike some scrap car companies, you can contact us 24/7.
  • We are reliable and will pay you promptly for your scrap car.
  • As well as paying you for your scrap car, we will collect it quickly.
  • We will collect your scrap vehicle from anywhere in the UK.
  • Get the most money for your car use: Pickupmyscrapcar.com
  • Some websites will ask for your car registration number and a lot of personal details before you get a price. Not us, we pride ourselves on no fuss and honesty.


What’s my old or scrap car worth?

Most cars are generally worth £50. You might get more than £50 for your scrap car on an online auction or registration inputting website. Unfortunately if you choose one of these routes you could face some common pitfalls, such as having to stay in all day for your car to be collected, no shows or the classic of being offered £70 on the website but less on arrival by stating your tyres are bald etc… these are common tricks of the trade and one of the reasons we started our advance payment scheme. By paying in advance we realised that the onus is on us to collect on time and deliver the best possible service – and this is why our business has grown nationwide and out performs all of the competition.

Pickupmyscrapcar.com is a business built on reliability and reputation!